This tutorial covers the use of Microsoft Paint for Windows 10. In this video, I tutorial you on using the best art program ever. MS Paint. Windows 10 2 About the Tutorial Windows 10 is the latest OS version from Microsoft. A Guide to Microsoft Paint (Windows XP) Introduction Microsoft Paint allows you to produce your own pictures ... 10. MS Paint Tutorial. How to use Microsoft Paint in Windows 8? Introduction. MS Paint is a drawing or painting tool, which is included in all versions of Microsoft Windows. This tutorial will show you how to upload and attach a screenshot, image, or a file in your post here at Ten Forums. Learn to use the tools and make pictures with MS Paint for Windows 7. I wrote a separate Helios tutorial. I have used Paint for years. The version provided with Win 10 is much more complicated with many more features. Nowhere is there a LESSON: Introduction to Ms Paint ... Windows. To start MS Paint: Click Start Programs Accessories Paint . Figure 1.1 below shows the Paint Screen LESSON: Introduction to Ms Paint ... simple graphics editing program that is included with Microsoft Windows. 10.